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HSBC Building

Property Services


Over the course of a tenant's lease, all daily services, from cleaning to repairs to sustainable initiatives such as conservation and recycling, are the responsibility of the dedicated members of our management staff.

Each tenant of HSBC Building receives a comprehensive package of standard services as part of their lease agreement. Services such as repair and maintenance of base building systems, standard cleaning services, and 24 hour security, to name just a few.

In addition to our standard set of services, HSBC Building offers tenants additional services for a fee. Services that would fall into this category might include enhanced daily cleaning, special event clean-up, non-base building repairs, or enhanced security. Our Tenant Manual outlines all standard services delivered to tenants as well the many additional fee services available. 

Our Tenant Manual and Rate Card for a complete listing of services can be found in Forms, Manuals & Permits. For additional information contact CF CONNECT at 1-800-665-1000 or